Welcome to my blog site, “Monday Meanderings, Mr. Bevier’s Blog!” 


    This will be a weekly blog that I’ll publish based on observations on my Monday morning strolls throughout this amazing school. This week’s theme is Color Around the School.  

       First, some of the color comes from the beautiful landscaping and flowers out front of the administrative offices. I’m told this is the work of a talented and dedicated group of parishioners led by Joan Chapman, Steve Dombrowski, Ken Konst, Annette Clark, and Elaine White. BRAVO to that team for their horticultural expertise!


Spectacular color also permeates from the beautiful art pieces on display in the hallway leading to the cafeteria. I absolutely loved the creations facilitated by our exemplary art teachers Ms. Hall and Ms. Allison! BRAVO to them!

Kendall loves the flowers that some dedicated parishioners planted!






Speaking of beautification look for our scout troops to be decorating our entrances with an autumn motif. Can’t wait to help with that. We may be asking for donations of hay bales, mums, pumpkins, etc. Stay tuned. Hope this colorful blog gave you an appreciation of one aspect of this wonderful, child-centered school! Please spread the word about us to friends, neighbors,  and family! Peace, Love & Laughter.

Yours in Christ,

Mr. Bevier, Blessed Sacrament – Midland Principal

schoollunch Even our lunches are colorful (and delicious and healthy!)





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